About Us

Flash Frame’s Mandate:

Flash Frame is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of film and video production in Northwestern Ontario. Founded in January 2001, it has an open door policy for anyone in the community who may wish to join. Members range from professional producers and directors to film students and those with a casual interest in film, video, multimedia and electronic technologies as an artistic and educational practice for the advancement and enrichment of the community.

Flash Frame exists as a resource of talent, labour knowledge and equipment for the creative and artistic undertakings of its members, and will endeavour to assist local and visiting producers who wish to use the local area for their productions.  Flash Frame also functions as a collective production organization that not only produce works, but also attempts to promote and distribute them.

Our membership has a dedicated core of about 20 community members and approximately 20 new members and affiliates each year. We have an email network of over 120 past and new members.

A Few of Flash Frame’s Past Activities:

· Working as a collective, we finished and premiered the 1930 silent movie “The Fatal Flower”. We wrote/edited/ filmed original artwork/commissioned a painting/composed 45 minutes of original music and packaged the film.

· We have secured rights to all 3 films produced by the Port Arthur cinema society and produced a DVD collection. We raised over $1000 for charity with the screening of these films.

· We received a Grant from the Canadian Audio Visual Trust to create an educational website about Dorothea Mitchell and the history of silent movies at http://www.ladylumberjack.ca

· Kelly Saxberg, former and present Chair of Flash Frame received Ontario Arts Council and CIFVF  grants towards Dorothea Mitchell: A Reel Pioneer. The one-hour documentary employed more than 12 Flash Frame members for the project, premiered at the Bay Street film Festival to a sold-out theatre, and in 2007 was purchased by BRAVO TV.

· Presented workshops on subjects as varied as funding possibilities, DV cameras, editing, screenwriting and hosted speakers from CBC, the NFB and the Canadian cinematographers association.

· We built and maintain 4 websites and organized a moderated Internet group through flashframe@shaw.ca and http://www.flashframe.ca http://www.baystreetfilmfestival.ca http://www.ladylumberjack.ca and now http://www.docsnorth.ca

· We organized the first Bay Street Film Festival in 2005 and screened 80 films for free for over a 3-day period. It had 8 panels of out-of-town speakers and 2 photo exhibits. Audience donations were given to the venue and the local Food bank. The festival was extended to 4 days.  This was followed by 4 more editions of the festival in 2006,07,08,09. With the support of the OAC we paid Carfac fees to all films screened and supported travel for out of town filmmakers. The community for 5 years now has billeted most of the visiting filmmakers, provided them with a tour and meals and free passes to music events organized by the festival.

Just a few of our many workshops:

· Flash Frame organized Teen Movie group (and is again offering this programing 2010 along with First Nations Initiative)

·  Flash Frame member Steve Ross organized a sold-out “Docs For Dumbdumbs” workshop with 35 participants.

· In collaboration with Music and Film in Motion, Flash Frame organized a sold-out scriptwriter’s workshop with Paul Quarrington.

For over ten years we have organized various workshops for the local film and video community: screenwriting,  funding workshops, Teen Movie Group. For over 7 years via the Bay Street Film Festival, we have organized filmmaker panels and talks from industry experts. We have completed several community made films “The Fatal Flower Project”, “Dorothea Mitchel a Reel Pioneer”, “Sticky Money”, “Chopsticks” and this will be our 3rd year participating in the International Documentary Challenge (in 2010 we were finalists and prize winners at Hot Docs in Toronto.

Last year Flash Frame organized and completed a 5 day intensive workshop 2-6 October 2011 called Docs North. We were supported by The Canada Council for the Arts and the NFB and K-Net. We had one day of film screenings at the Bay Street Film Festival, 2 days of seminars, one shooting day and one editing and screening day.

Thursday we competed 3 films and screened them for the public. We will showcase the films at the 2012 Bay street Film Festival. DVD copies of the recorded seminars have been edited and on-line versions are available for use in participating communities across the north to share knowledge and the skills gained during Docs North 2011.

5 Participants have received a small kickstarter grant to make a short 5 minute videos in their community to be completed by October 2012. Those films are being supported by consulting mentors and will be posted on the website.

Participants and mentors both benefited from the sharing of skills and knowledge in the area of media arts. We had a very diverse group who gained practical skills and shared ideas regarding documentary filmmaking, animation, new media, interactive and web-based media and projects.  The cultural diversity of the participants and the mentors also added significantly to the experience for all. We had a variety of ethnic backgrounds represented, First nations from 8 distinct communities, Inuit, metis, francophone, Cree, Ojibwa, Inuktatut. A variety of nationalities were represented: German, Isreali,  British, Canadian. We had all age groups represented from youth to mature. We had nearly equal participation from men and women.

In 2011 we completed “Sticky Money” a film written by Richard Hiner, Directed by Ryan La Via. We received our first Northern Arts grant from the Ontario Arts Council so that Flash Frame members were paid  honorariums to work on the award winning film.

In 2012, our latest project is the film written and directed by Dianne Brothers that was awarded an Ontario Arts Council Northern Arts grant. “Silent Invaders” is our second Flash Frame production this year and it will premiere at the Bay Street Film Festival in September along with “Who was Sylvia” our International Documentary Challenge submission.





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